Engineering Applications

Mechanika_pictThe graduates of Computational Sciences Master Study Program specialized in Engineering Applications will acquire not only fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the area of High Performance Computing but also knowledge in the field of continuum mechanics due to its focus on computational mechanics. As early as within the master studies, the students can join the teams solving various projects such as those supported by Student Grant Competition (SGC), national grants as well as projects within international cooperation.


The graduates will be able to apply the acquired knowledge while solving practical mechanical problems using HPC. This particular combination of deep knowledge of HPC and numerical methods for solving demanding problems of structural and flow mechanics will enable the graduates with this specialization to find a career in research and development departments of companies using state-of-the-art technology for developing new products. They can also continue their studies in the follow-up Computational Sciences Doctoral Study Program and pursue their academic career not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad afterwards.

Diploma thesis topics

Within the specialization students can choose one of the following diploma thesis topics:

  1. Exploitation of HPC for Solving Heat Radiation Problems
  2. Implementation of Incompressible Flow into ESPRESO Library
  3. Implementation of Thermoelasticity into ESPRESO Library
  4. Setting up the Methodology for Solving Vibroacoustics using ESPRESO and BEM4I Libraries
  5. OpenFOAM: Implementation of Application for Estimating Acoustic Emissions
  6. OpenFOAM: Setting up Methodology for Calculating the Coefficient of Drag Resistance

Use the opportunity to study a field of study which has no parallel within the Czech Republic. You will learn to program effectively and exploit computational resources to solve demanding practical problems. You will use your acquired knowledge no matter if you have only an ordinary laptop, high-performance work station, or a supercomputer right away.