Numerical Parallel Algorithms

Matematika_pictThe university Computational Sciences Master Study Program follows up bachelor fields of study in related areas of Computer Sciences. Within the study program, students will become familiar with areas of effective exploitation of state-of-the-art computational resources, whether it be HPC architectures of supercomputing centres or multi-core processors commonly used in personal computers.

Within the chosen specialization of Numerical Parallel Algorithms an emphasis is placed not only on the development and implementation of scalable parallel algorithms of numerical mathematics but also on mathematical theory the development of these methods is based on. Thus, the students will acquire complex knowledge required for solving big mathematical problems from the task definition analysis up to its realization on high-performance supercomputers.

Graduates of this study program can find their career in companies operating in the field of software development, in development departments of industrial companies as calculators, or in the academic sphere. Successful students can then continue in studying as doctoral students of the doctoral study program of the same name.

Diploma thesis topics

Within the specialization students can choose one of the following diploma thesis topics:

  1. Parallel Implementation of Aggregated Gradients Deflated Versions
  2. TFETI-1 Coarse Problem Parallelisation
  3. Parallel Implementation of FETI-2 Method to PERMON Library
  4. Parallel Implementation of S-step Version of Aggregated Gradients and its Optimization using Hidden Communication
  5. OpenFOAM: Implementation of Parallel Application for Regular Meshes Formation

Use the opportunity to study a field of study which has no parallel within the Czech Republic. You will learn to program effectively and exploit computational resources to solve demanding practical problems. You will use your acquired knowledge no matter if you have only an ordinary laptop, high-performance work station, or a supercomputer right away.