Computational Physics and Chemistry

Fyzika-chemie_pictNumerical simulations and experiments in physics and chemistry have become an equal alternative to the real experiments in the last two decades. Not only have they allowed us to better understand the foundation of studied phenomena but also they are significantly cheaper than the real experiments due to the rapid development in the area of supercomputing technology and theoretical methods.

The graduates of Computational Sciences Master Study Program specialized in Computational Physics and Chemistry will get training in the area of general principles focused on effective exploitation of peta- and higher-scale high-performance supercomputers. They will also get training in the principles of theoretical physics and chemistry corresponding to the Master Study level as well as knowledge related to their diploma thesis topic.

Diploma thesis topics

Within the specialization students can choose one of the following diploma thesis topics:

  1. Collision Dynamics of Molecular Complexes in Water
  2. Photodynamics of Mercury Nanoparticles
  3. Modelling of Collision Processes in Cold Rare-Gas Plasma

Use the opportunity to study a field of study which has no parallel within the Czech Republic. You will learn to program effectively and exploit computational resources to solve demanding practical problems. You will use your acquired knowledge no matter if you have only an ordinary laptop, high-performance work station, or a supercomputer right away.