Common HPC Fundamentals

Spolecny-zaklad_pictWithin the course of Common HPC fundamentals, students will gain an overview of current HPC architectures, master parallel programming in both the shared and distributed memory, and acceleration of computations using graphic cards and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, or designing efficient parallel algorithms. Students will also gain mathematical as well as mathematical modelling fundamentals. They will have an access to Anselm and Salomon clusters having together more than 27 thousands of cores available. Moreover, , Cluster Salomon is accelerated by nearly 53 thousands of Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors cores and thus reaches the maximum theoretical performance of 2 PFLOP/s. Thanks to the IT4Innovations membership in PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) ), the talented students will have an opportunity to use Europe’s most powerful supercomputers in Paris, Stuttgart, or Barcelona.

The programme is provided by experts, many of whom have long-term experience working in research centres and universities worldwide.

Use the opportunity to study a field of study which has no parallel within the Czech Republic. You will learn to program effectively and exploit computational resources to solve demanding practical problems. You will use your acquired knowledge no matter if you have only an ordinary laptop, high-performance work station, or a supercomputer right away.